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Euonymus Japonicus Paloma Blanca

Euonymus jap. Paloma Blanca known as “The White Candle Euonymus” has very recently become a personal favourite of the members of staff at Greenfingers for its distinct bicoloured foliage; making it Aprils plant of the month. Paloma Blanca is an impressive evergreen shrub with white tipped foliage in the spring. New shoots emerge greenish-white, but as it ages, it gradually darkens to a rich deep green.

Like a lot of Euonymus, Paloma Blanca likes full sun or partial shade but once established is pretty hardy and can withstand shade and dry soils. Paloma Blanca is frost hardy, but it may need protection over winter – especially for its green-white tips which may be killed off by a hard frost.

A slow growing shrub; Paloma Blanca’s eventual height (if allowed to get bigger) is only 0.7metres and width the same at 0.7metres. However, it is commonly used as small boarder hedging and with pruning in mid-spring to encourage bushy growth, looks its best this way. But if preferred, it will be equally happy in a container.

Top Tip:
Apply a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted garden compost or manure around the base of the plant in mid-late spring for healthy growth throughout the year.

Harmful if Eaten:
Please be aware that Paloma Blanca is harmful to both pets and humans if consumed.

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