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We Love Wildlife – The New Owl Nesting Boxes at Greenfingers

Owls aren’t common garden visitors for most, but if you have spotted one and are in a suitable location, it is well worth the time and effort to provide additional nesting sites by installing an owl nesting box.

At Greenfingers, we pride ourselves in doing what we can for native wildlife, that’s why when a Tawny Owl was spotted near the Bapton Lane area on the outskirts of our grounds; it was decided that we should encourage them to nest here.

Our Owl Boxes

Kindly gifted by a relative of the owners, we have two different owl boxes now in place. Both are official RSPB Owl boxes that are FSC Certified.

The Barn Owl Box

Barn owl boxes are large and square, or sometimes triangular, with a ledge outside the entrance for young owls to stand on. Our RSPB barn owl box is more triangular and can be spotted from the entrance of Greenfingers! This nest box features a cleaning hatch, a large landing shelf and a fledgling exercise area. It has a flat roof to provide further room for the young owls to exercise their wings.

With the sides of the nest box made from waterproof recycled plastic, this wooden box is designed to withstand all weather conditions and is appropriate for outside use.

The Tawny Owl Box

Tawny owls like to nest in hollow tree trunks, so nesting boxes are tube-shaped to mimic their natural nesting site. Hence, Tawny owls are content to nest in smaller cavities than barn owls and so the design of this nest box reflects this. Small, slim and made of timber, this nest box comes with a cleaning hatch and a long, removable perch – making it ideal for tawny owls looking for somewhere cosy to nest. This nest box may be more difficult to spot as it isn’t accessible in Greenfingers, however you can view it from our site – look out for it in on our bridge or from out outdoor pot area.

What we hope to achieve

With the Owl breeding season coming up, we are hoping at least one of our nesting boxes will be used this year to bring in the next generation of these fantastic birds of prey. So keep an eye out and you never know you may spot a resident Tawny or Barn Owl!

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